What’s good about frozen?

Eating fresh, organic vegetables at their peak of ripeness is certainly the best option, but unless one plants their own vegetables at home it is unlikely that one will get a better alternative than flash frozen vegetables.

Unlike most vegetables in the fresh aisle that have been picked before ripening due to transportation efficiencies, the vegetables used in our products are collected when they are at the peak of ripeness, we then blanch the vegetables in hot water to kill bacteria and stop enzyme activity that can spoil food.

Then we flash freeze the vegetables which prevents the loss of vitamins and nutrients during transportation while locking in all the product’s goodness. Since microbiological function is suspended while the food is frozen, an excellent benefit of our process is food safety.  As long as the food stays frozen it is safe. 

Customer Convenience

Cold is a natural way of preserving, and thanks to the new technologies of flash freezing that keeps ice crystals small, and thus prevents moisture loss in the food as it thaws, we are allowed to maintain the vegetables or ready meals in the freezer for any occasion without fear of losing its flavor or nutritional qualities.

Economic Advantage & Waste Reduction

Frozen foods last much longer than fresh allowing the customer to use them at their leisure without spoilage common to fresh foods.

Thanks to IQF you can now use the amount of product that you desire and save the rest for any other occasion without having to defrost it.

Flash Frozen food also allows our customers to choose from a wide range of seasonal ingredients all year round.